Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring 2014 Dapper Day: A Recap

This past Sunday (February 23, 2014), I attended the first of two Dapper Days planned for the Disneyland Resort this year with my husband  and it certainly exceeded our expectations!  

After reading how much fun Lisa had at the 2013 Spring Dapper Day with her family, I knew I had to add this outing to my list of Disneyland firsts. According to LA Weekly, the event grew from 15,000 to over 20,000 participants decked out from head to toe in their finest gear, as Dapper Day is, according to, "your chance (to) enjoy your favorite rides and attractions while looking your best. All sophisticated fashions, from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic, are encouraged. Active or retired military please consider wearing your dress uniform if you like." 

From Disney-inspired creations to charming fashion pieces - the ladies and gents of Dapper Day took Disneyland by storm and I was in awe of the creativity and style that many of the Guests were dishing - BRAVO!

If you are talented enough to sew your own costume - there is plenty of opportunity for you to showcase your skills.  For those of you who love shopping, there are plenty of vintage shops near Anaheim that can provide you with the style you are looking for.  In city of Orange, the Old Towne Orange area has several vintage shops that were even advertising pieces for Dapper Day.  
Our Dapper Day portrait
As for my outfit? I actually had a lovely dress in my own closet and paired it with a cropped blue sweater I owned and since I'm not good with heels no matter what era it is, I opted for a pair of plain black flats.  My husband donned his suit pants, a vest, a bowtie, and a newsboy cap to complete his look.

The Mark Twain Mixeer
There are several events that happen throughout the day, most notably the "Mark Twain Mixer" where hundreds of Dapper guests take a ride on The Mark Twain Riverboat and the "Dapper Derby" - a meet-up at the Fantasyland Carrousel where guests can ride one of the 68 antique horses while wearing their finery - both great photo opportunities!  My husband and I waited in line to board the Mark Twain and it felt like we were transported back in time - we waved from the top of the riverboat at all the guests below and I finally felt what it was like to be part of a Disneyland parade.  People were blowing kisses, posing for photos, and wishing everyone a "Happy Dapper Day!" and honestly - you can't leave Disneyland without the biggest smile on your face after experiencing this.

Dapper guest waving from the Mark Twain
Guests happily posed for photos whenever they were asked and it breathes new life into the term, "Happiest Place on Earth" - everyone was in jovial spirits and it was contagious!  
Posing with our friend Andy in his dapper "Mickey" outfit
It was my first time participating in Dapper Day and quite possibly my first time attending The Disneyland Resort without going on any attractions.  We spent the day meandering Main Street as the Disney illustrators probably envisioned guests would do on their visits to the Parks.  It was fun to be transported to a different era every which way I looked, but with modern touches such as Starbucks coffees and turkey legs in the guests' hands. 

Check out the wonderful photos from this very Dapper Day!

The ladies' outfits were all handmade - Donald, Daisy, & Elsa - & matching mother/daughter dresses!

A very dapper couple on the Mark Twain
Looking sharp on the top deck

This Father/daughter team getting into the family dapper spirit!

This guest channeled Bert from "Mary Poppins" - wow!
These guests were dapper Peter Pan & Tiger Lily
Dapper friends channeling Mickey & Minnie of yesteryear
Baby Zachary's first Dapper Day

The wonderful Babes in Disneyland readers also submitted some great photos of their families at Dapper Day:

Shannon Gomes' beautifully coordinated family!
Felicia Ruiz: It should be dapper day every day at Disneyland!
Craig B. & his dapper family!
Disney bound as a Dapper Peter Pan

Missed out on this Spring fling in 2014?  Don't worry - there's a Fall Soiree coming September 12, 2014 - plenty of time to get your dapper outfit ready!  Hope to see you at the next Dapper Day!  


Jensey said...

I will make it to a Disneyland Dapper Day one year if it kills me! You both looked amazing, thanks for the recap, Vy! <3