Monday, November 7, 2011

Disneyland Holiday Q & A: When is Disneyland most crowded during the holiday season?

It's almost holiday time at the Disneyland Resort. Along with the decorations, come special holiday entertainment, food, and more. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be answering readers' questions about holiday time. 

The most common question I get about holiday time at Disneyland is:

When is the best time to visit Disneyland during the holidays?  

This year, I received this question (or variations of this question) from Donna O., Erin L., and Nicole B. on the Babes In Disneyland Facebook page.

Holiday time at the Disneyland Resort begins November 14. Although many decorations are already up at the resort, everything will up and the holiday food and entertainment will be available to guests on that day.

The Disneyland Resort is truly beautiful this time of year and attracts visitors from far and wide. It is best to visit as early in the season as possible, and the least crowded days are weekdays. I've had some fantastic visits during the week in early December. This year, I'm planning a couple of visits as soon as the decorations go up and an additional visit on a weekend in early December.

The most crowded days are Thanksgiving day and the weekend that follows and Christmas day through New Year's Day. In fact, these days rival those of a crowded summer day. In my opinion, the week between Christmas and New Year's day may very well be the most crowded week of the year.

If you have a Christmas-week trip already in the works, do not despair. Crowds or not, you will still have an amazing time and here's why:
  • Even though it's crowded, there's lots to do with holiday entertainment and the other shows. Entertainment can be a great alternative for families looking to avoid long lines at the attractions.
  • Most everything should be open. If you choose to visit Disneyland at a less-crowded time of year, you will likely find that some attractions, shows, restaurants and/or shops are closed for refurbishment. Going when it's busy means you'll be able to see everything you love--even if it means waiting a little while longer.
  • It's not easy visiting any theme park when it's crowded but there's something about the magic of Disneyland and the ideal cool weather that makes it pleasant regardless of the amount of guests in the parks.
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